USB Port Locks by Smart Keeper

The Connectivity Center specializes in distributing cyber security and networking products; primarily providing a special type of security hardware known as Smart Keeper. The Smart Keeper Series is a suite of hardware products intended to provide a complete 360° physical lock down of your network I/O ports. This security hardware enables users to unite a family of physical cyber security tools under a single serialized key pattern, much like a unique car or house key pattern, creating a single, comprehensive layer that secures vulnerable machines against malicious or careless insider threats. Smart Keeper Security Solutions also tethers cables from your equipment to your peripheral devices, so that they cannot be removed without authorized access. Secure your organization’s data like a professional with enhanced Smart Keeper security. Visit The Connectivity Center today or call us at 888-865-4639 to receive free USPS retail shipping on any Smart Keeper series physical cyber security product.
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