How Does Colon Cleansing Affect The Body?

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The question on most everyone’s mind who has experienced a colonoscopy is, how does colon cleansing affect the body?
Proponents of colon cleansing assert:
It improves health and may prevent cancer. When body waste remains in the colon too long bacteria can form. If that ordure is eliminated, the colon is prepared to work better, allowing nutrients to be absorbed and evacuation to be easier.

A slow digestive system is a miserable feeling. Chronic problems can be relieved with a colon cleansing, the body will function the way it should. Regular detoxification creates a healthier system.
There are people who claim colon cleansing helps them sleep better and have more energy.

There are several methods of colon cleansing:
A practitioner who performs a colon irrigation
Herbal teas
All but the first cleansing method can be done in the privacy of home.
Is a natural colon cleansing necessary, or are bowel movements enough to clear the colon? There are no conclusive studies on colon cleansing to tell us a firm yes or no.

There are some factual functions the body can accomplish:
The liver neutralizes toxins.
Every three days the colon sheds old cells, thus preventing a buildup of material.
Everyone is different when it comes to regularity.
Increasing bowel movements does not cause weight loss, the body assimilates most calories before they get to the large intestine.
The colon contains natural bacteria that detoxifies waste.
The colon consists of mucus membranes to prevent undesired substances returning to the system.

Advocates for colon cleansing also believe it speeds metabolism and increases fertility by ridding the body of chemicals and toxins that affect sperm and eggs.
The one definable fact is, eating about 35 grams of fiber a day keeps the gastrointestinal tract healthy. Consuming food and alcohol in moderation, exercising and having a colonoscopy when your physician advises it will keep you physically fit.

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