Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Oregon

Drug and Alcohol abuse is one of the major evils in the modern society. It has led to increased crime rates as well as myriad effects to the health of the abuser. Urgent interventions are necessary for total elimination.

In Oregon drug abuse is rampant. As a result, the authorities have come up with stern and urgent measures to eliminate the vice in its totality. The authorities have established a number of outpatient alcohol and Drug Treatment services in Multnomah, chemical dependency and substance abuse services in Josephine County and North Bend, addiction recovery Centres in Medford, Jackson County and several allied services providing health services in Medford, Ontario and Portland just to mention but a few.

In Oregon, the process of drug addiction management starts with complete residential assessment. To this effect, many home based cares have been established in several counties. Victims must undertake a compulsory evaluation and diagnosis, complete medical appraisal and assessment, psychological assistance, drug and alcohol assessment, spiritual and psychiatric assessment. At the end, suggestions are made to the patient and family on the best course of rehabilitation. Though, several drug and alcohol treatment facilities exist, the choice of the best program is dependent on individual conviction. Increased awareness as a result of media and the increasing internet revolution has played a critical role in educating the masses on drug addiction.

Most treatment options suggest that the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction takes less than three weeks. On the contrary, a quick solution has been found to be less effective as many of the victims have a relapse effect. Studies have suggested that the most viable treatment option should be one, which allows the addicts to seek the help of a program that lasts longer.

When deciding on the treatment program, one is advised to look at the cost implications. This allows one to register for the most affordable programs. However, cost considerations should not always override the quality of the program. If the cheaper options are not available, one can search online for the best option. It is important to exercise caution about online advertisement as they tend to be highly exaggerated.

The best and reliable drug and alcohol treatment option is one that will help an individual get out of addiction, also one, which will assist, him or her to overcome the problem indefinitely. Thus, one should always have a preferred centre to help him overcome the menace. On the negative side, the establishment of drug treatment facilities has seen the establishment of fashionable drugs in an attempt to foil the laws regarding drug and alcohol restriction. It has been established that most rehab centres act as hide outs to some of the drug lords making the widespread menace hard to tame.

Though, great strides have been made against drug related complications, taming the vice remains a mystery. More effort is needed to eliminate it in Oregon.

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